What Others Say About Us

Steve took the time to help us understand the home buying process.  Being first time home buyers, we feel really lucky we were referred to Seattle Mortgage Brokers...  Steve made it so easy.  He's the best. 
Robert and Lisa S

Four things have defined my relationship with Steve over the years.  First, he
has contacted me 3 times to refinance my home because the rates were better.  I didn’t need to keep track of current rates and he initiated the emails.  Second, with each refinanace I ended up with a great rate, no closing costs and extra money in my pocket.  Third, he always comes to my house to sign the paperwork.  And fourth, I have given Steve’s name to ~5-10 friends and family, resulting in a big thank you and the following remark -- “This deal was way better than I received from anywhere else.  Are you sure it is legal?”  Thank you Steve. 
Erik K

Sara and I want to say a very sincere "Thank You" for all your help with financing over the years.  You have expertly managed all the details for each of our four re-finances over the past 10 years - each time with a new lower interest rate in addition to the no "up-front" cost route.  You were always professional, knowledgeable and courteous, and we have really appreciated the great results.  We wish you the best. 
Larry and Sara K

I have bought many homes over the years.  I was referred to Steve a few years ago, and wished I had met him a decade ago.  Best Mortgage Guy I have ever worked with!  Seattle Mortgage Brokers is an A+.  Thanks Steve!
William S

About 10 years ago we received an offer from Steve for a refinance on our home at an attractive rate with no closing costs.  Although we were very skeptical, we decided to respond to the email asking for more details -- and I am pleased to say that it all worked out very well.  We were very cautious and read the fine print carefully ... but everything was exactly as Steve promised.  The closing was extremely convenient with Steve agreeing to meet us at a mutually convenient place and time.  
Over the last decade, Steve would keep track of interest rates and email us when he thought we could save some money by refinancing (no closing costs - of course!).  We have refinanced our house with Steve at least 5 more times and come out ahead every time.  Over the years we have developed such a level of trust with Steve that we barely skim the numbers before signing on the dotted line.  We have also recommended Steve to many of our neighborhood friends ... who seem equally pleased with his work.

We trust Steve and have benefited from our relationship over the years and enthusiastically recommend him for your mortgage financing needs. 
Ashvin and Sarah C

Seattle Mortgage Brokers gave us the best deal, best service and best experience.  Our entire family uses them.  Steve is always there for us!
James and Holly F

Highly recommended! Steve is very personable and easy to work with. I can call him anytime to answer my questions and make the financing process seamless. He treats me more like a brother than a broker, definitely will use him again!" 
Tony A

"Steve has done all of our mortgage work in the past ten years.  He is helpful, attentive and got us great rates!" 
Michael and Julia M